Indian Dance Classes in Freiburg

Would you like to learn Bharatanatyam and attend a dance course in Freiburg or participate in an online course? Or do you already have some experience with classical Indian dance and would like to improve your skills? In this case you are most welcome in my dance school in Freiburg!

My name is Hasita Falk and I have been teaching children and adults classical Indian dance (Bharatanatyam) at all levels for over 20 years.

New students are always welcome! A first trial lesson is free of charge. Contact me now!

Dance Classes

Dance Classes for Children

In my children’s classes, the children learn about Indian culture through dance in a playful way. I started learning Indian dance myself when I was six years old. For me, it was a door into a mysterious, enchanting world: the colourful flowers in the hair, the glittering jewellery, the bright fabrics of the dresses, the gestures of the hands, the characteristic music with its own rhythm…

First, I teach the children learn simple dance steps and dance figures, to move to the rhythm, to tell little stories with simple hand gestures. Slowly we put the individual elements together and form a little dance. Later they may wear Indian dance bells for the first time, put on make-up like an Indian dancer. I offer courses for the age groups 5-7 years, 8-10 years and 11-13 years.

Feel free to contact me if you need more information or would like to arrange a free trial lesson for your child!

Courses for Teenagers and Adults

Of course, you can also start Bharatanatyam classes as a teenager or adult. In my beginners‘ courses I give a first insight into this diversity and teach the basic dance steps (adavus), gestures (mudras) and poses (karanas), which are then combined into a dance to Indian music. In the intermediate and advanced courses, we develop our skills further and weave them into increasingly complex choreographies.

Times and Prices

My classes for children, teenagers and adults take place on different afternoons and evenings during the week. Please contact me if you are interested in a dance class, so we can discuss which class is right for you or your child.

I will be happy inform you of the current prices and discounts on request!


During dance classes we rehearse different dances and present them on the occasion of smaller and larger performances. Every 4 to 5 years I try to organise larger Bharatanatyam performances with my students. The next big performance is planned for January 2024.

Contact Details

  • Dance classes take place in a dance studion at the following address: Schwimmbadstraße 23 in 79100 Freiburg (Wiehre)
  • I teach in small groups, some of them also online via Zoom

Are you interested in classical Indian dance classes? Please feel free to contact me by phone or email:

Phone: 0761 61254341

Email: hasita.falk@posteo.de

I am looking forward to hearing from you!